4 by 4 Woodcut Print done by Professor Hickey's class and Andie Jairam.

My name is Andie Jairam and I am an emerging artist out of Atlanta, Georgia. My work deals with Printmaking and Drawings. 
​My story is titled Black Future, Amir Dex changes slavery and makes Africa one of the biggest technological places for Africans to live.
​In the year 2035, Amir stumbles upon a tribal book while working on an African American History paper. Inside there is a page marked “incantation spell for returning to the past”. He reads the spell and is thrown back to 1526 where he is able to prevent slavery from happening in Africa. By doing so, he allows Africa to become an intellectual powerhouse where technology and art have combined and created a hybrid between futuristic and primitive themes.
Printmaking+ Illustration